Sun streaked vacation partners in crime :) (at The Joint)

Sun peeking through over punta sur! (at Punta Sur Isla Mujeres)

Sunset viewing. (at Casa Vaya Vida Isla Mujeres)

Storm coming in! Cancun disappeared in a matter of minutes! Time for a book :) (at Casa Vaya Vida Isla Mujeres)

4 lobster tacos, with lobster caught this morning, $9 at Soggy Peso! It’s good to be back on island time! (at Soggy Peso)

Let’s talk about the gorilla in the room. #koonsing (at Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, Whitney Museum)


Pretending I’m my favorite x-man #wolverine #armedanddangerous (at arcadia)

6wolverine, armedanddangerous,

Fried chicken, champagne and games. Yes, the 18 mil was me ;) #thisishowweNY (at arcadia)


❤️❤️❤️ (at arcadia)

Stewie has a dislocated shoulder - but my dad and Faris are frowning because I’m insisting we go to bed instead of letting them continue their video gaming. Ha!

Obsessed with my new yoga pants by @belmaica!! Merritt isn’t just part of the Genius Steals team but also an entrepreneur herself! Was waiting to practice in them before singing their praise but they live up to the hype! Annd you pick your own colors :) #idoitforsavasana #yoga (at Sanctuary for Yoga, Body & Spirit)

6idoitforsavasana, yoga,

"The only difference between a boy and a man is the size of his… (Extended pause) toys." - my mom

They’re way better than I could ever be. (at Balham Bowls Club)

Newlyweds on the train! Look at these two lovelies!! (at Morden London Underground Station)

Leftover waashi tape from our wedding = DIY thank you cards. I had entirely too much fun making them. #nofilter